The Team
New World Order Games is the horribly spoilt and demanding child of Ian Andrews. It was founded in 2000 to pick up where the old
Machiavelli Games collective left off. The NWO team consists of some of the sharpest, brightest and best talent the UK hobby has to offer.

The current staff of New World Order Games is:

Editing, Continuity and Co-ordination:
Ian Andrews

Admin and Budget:
Kat Quatermass

Logistics and IT:
Olly Godby

Special Consultant (US and Europe):
Isabelle Parsley

Story Team :
Bryan Lea
Paul Snow
Pete Wright
Simon Manby
Daniel Williams
Eric Granger
John Scott
John Shockley

Event Support and Refereeing Team:
Dave "DM" Miller
Kev Margetts
"Chalkie" White

There is regular fluidity in the staff situation at NWO as many people find that the experience of writing just one of these games is quite
enough for a supposedly sane soul, thank you very much. This is normal and to be expected; we are grateful for what time we have managed to
steal from all of these very talented people and do not begrudge them their freedom one jot. Working with each of you has been a pleasure.

Thanks are due in no small measure to the following people who have all contributed enormously to the team in one way or another and have
made the current project the success it has been:

Emma Waite, Dave Townsend, Ann Macey, Simon English, Sarah Hinksman, Gavin Hutchinson, Scott Boxall, Morgan Nash and Phil Prior