What is New World Order Games?

We're telling a story.

It's a sweeping story covering the most turbulent seventeen years of the Middle Ages; from the fall of Jerusalem in 1187 to the Fourth Crusade of 1204... a story that changes shape with every touch of a player. It's a story about mystery, and history, and magic, and religion, and politics - but most of all, it's a story about decisions and consequences.

New World Order Games is currently running a serial set of games set in the world of Atlas Games' Ars Magica. It's not LRP, it's not really Freeform, it's not am-dram, it's not acting. It's a combination of all four, drawing on the strongest elements of each to make the best game we can engineer.

The sweep of each game event covers everything from the intricacies of an individual magus' researches to the grand politics sweeping the Order of Hermes across the entirety of Europe and north Africa during a historically turbulent time. Murder mysteries, intricate puzzles of the occult, philosophical debates, grand political manoeuverings and legal quandaries all play equal parts in the composition of an NWO game, and we pride ourselves on being one of the most involving, engrossing and densely-plotted live games running in the country today.

NWO games, while they have a live system, are very low-combat and very high-politics; these are games for talkers and thinkers. We draw our player base from across the entire live gaming hobby - freeform gamers, club live roleplayers, Festival event staff, other organisers and new players, all of whom have in common their desire for a damn good game.

We endeavour to supply that.


Booking for New World Order Events

New World Order events are invitation-only, but if you are interested in playing, sign up to the forums, or contact one of the NWO team direct. However, because our games are fiercely oversubscribed, no-one - even "regulars" - is ever guaranteed a place. We try to let our players know the situation with an event well in advance, and ask the indulgence of those who want to play but that we cannot fit in; we are only human, and there are limits to how big we can make the games without diluting their unique appeal.

We will be keeping our players notified of events via the Forums on this website - keep an eye on the noticeboards for news about the final event in the Lion and Serpent sequence, the Grand Tribunal of 1204, due to be run in 2006.

In the coming months, NWO Games will be exploring the possibilities of running smaller, one-evening games over the course of the next year, unconnected to the Lion and Serpent sequence or even to Ars Magica but written to the same standard of complexity and continuity. Keep an eye on the forums for more information.

Reserve Team

Every NWO game to date has suffered from last-minute drop-outs and players unable to attend unexpectedly. If you are interested in NWO but don't want to commit to a full part, then ahead of each game we look to fill a number of "Reserve Places". Reserves pay only for their bed and board at the site, and in return are our first port of call to fill vacant parts - but the risk is that there will be no drop-outs and the Reserves are simply spectators or bit-part players for the event, though that alone should keep people busy. Reserves are loved and pampered by the NWO team, because willingness to leap in at the last moment is worth it's weight in gold to us.